How to treat schizophrenia using “Abilify”?

Schizophrenia is the one of the most widespread mental diseases. There are 0.15 – 2% of sick people in the different countries. This disease is many-sided. Its basic feature is the violation of outward things’ adequate perception. The sick person’s ideas and actions become strange or sometimes dangerous for other people. However it is important to remember that often it can be other mental disorders. So if you want to know the right diagnosis, you will need the detailed examination of every disease’s manifestation and long medical observation.

There are ten disturbing signs to recognize:
Lowering of physical and intellectual activity.
Inconstant attitude to relatives and close people.
Reasoning’s illogicality.
Outward things’ unequal perception.
Depressed emotional background.
Violation of attention.
Incapacity to differentiate inner life and outer world.
Illusions of perception (hallucinations).

How to treat for schizophrenia in the correct way?

It is important to recognize disease’s beginning, set the complex medical treatment, think about the system of rehabilitation to the sick person, teach his relatives to the right behavior. It is the right way to start the treatment in the special hospital, where you can get to know the precise diagnosis, because really there are a lot of variants of disease’s demonstration. It will be great if the sick person is in the cubicle. And it is necessary to exclude things which were interesting for him before. There must be not only eminently qualified doctors but also experienced psychologists and around the sick person.

For more effective treatment it is important to select the special medicaments which doesn’t reduce the quality of life, can remove the schizophrenia’s symptoms and have the minimum of the by-effects.

What is the recommended medicine for schizophrenia’s treating?

As a result of longstanding program the new antipsychotic preparation was created the Abilify. In the 2002 this preparation was officially recommended to use in the clinical practice. It has fundamentally another mechanism of action. Abilify’s activity is conditioned on presence of Aripiprazole as the parent material. The average half-period of Aripiprazole is about 75 hours. The equilibrium concentration is achieved in 14 days. So on application of this preparation for a long time, the cumulation is predictable.

How does the Abilify have an effect?

After taking the medicine the Aripiprazole is sucked fast and its peak concentration is achieved in 3-5 hours. The absolute bioavailability of this preparation is 87%. Moreover the ingestion doesn’t affects the bioavailability. This medicine is distributed in the tissues and at the therapeutic concentration more than 99% of preparation is linked to albumens of serum. And it is important to know that this medicine doesn’t force out the warfarin from the albumens’ link.